About Us

Excel Pre-School Academy is your student's ideal introduction to an exceptional learning environment leading up to their school-age years!

At EPA, we teach our students not only academia, but basic life skills along with facilitating an environment where your child's milestones can be reached. From their  development of fine mine motor skills, to reading sight words, your child can thrive at the pace that best suits their needs.

*AGES 3-5

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Math & Science

The evidences of math and science fundamentals are used in our everyday lives!  With our curriculum, your child will learn to develop their critical thinking skills  through the application of their understanding of the these basics through our hands-on curriculum approach in these areas.

Life Skills

Academia is one of the most valuable treasures that we can impart to the next generation; and paired with the application of life-skill basics, you will see your child develop and grow into their identity and confidence at an early age!

Fine & Gross
Motor Skills

Early developmental skills play a critical role in shaping the course of a young learner's educational path. Many times, reaching those early milestones are indicative of a student's learning style!  Through hands-on activities and manipulative play, your child will be equipped with all of the necessary tools to develop their fine and gross motor skills!

Arts & Electives

Expression in its various forms is often times the way a child communicates their inner thoughts and feelings to the world! With our electives and outlets of expression through movement, free-play, drawing, painting, singing, dancing, etc. your child will not only enjoy activities associated with art and electives, but will also learn to develop maturing communication skills.


Your child will be introduced to fundamental Biblical principles, attributes of God, fruits of the Spirit, parables from the Bible, prayer, and much more! Your child will receive sound doctrine and life application of God's Word at an early age!